Dokos Island – Backpacking, exploring and surviving in a deserted island

Summer in Greece is about to end and this time, instead of a mountain and a high peak we have decided to go and explore an inhabited island. The island of Dokos.

Dokos is a small Greek island of the Argo-Saronic Gulf, adjacent to Hydra, and separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow strait called on some maps “the Hydra Gulf.” It is part of the municipality of Ýdra (Hydra) in Islands regional unit and reported a population of 18 persons at the 2011 census. The island is rocky reaching a height of 308 metres. Although official registries claim there is a population of 18 people, in reality there is no one else besides an old lady with her goats and dogs. So, basically, this is her “private” island.

Departing from Ermioni

We stepped on board of a small speed boat from the port of Ermioni, and we sailed for about 25 minutes till we reached the small port on Dokos island. There is also another port, which in the past it was the main port of the island, though, we have decided that we wanted to set up camp from the other side of this long island.

It has since the ancient years considered to be a strategic location. On the east side lie the ruins of a great Byzantine – Venetian CastleDokos, according to archaeological studies, has been inhabited since the era of copper, 6000 BC. In 1975 Peter Throckmorton discovered a wreck near Dokos that has been dated to about 2150 BC, and may be the oldest shipwreck known.

Arriving in Dokos – Kasteli Platform
One of the few trails
A little Church in the middle of nowhere
View from the Byzantine Castle
Towards the highest point of the island, 308 m.
Highest point of Dokos, 308 m.

On the eastern tip of the island, there is a lighthouse constructed in 1923. This 9m tall lighthouse has the form of a round tower and a focal plane of 23m.


Once we have reached the highest point of the island, we had the chance to enjoy the beautiful views, with the crystal clear waters.

View from Dokos Islands
From the peak of Dokos island. The lighthouse and Hydra island
Crystal Clear sea
Crystal Clear sea

We have had enough time to enjoy the beautiful “blue” views from Dokos and it was time to go back to our campsite. There, we initially prepared a good espresso from our Moka while enjoying the sunset and some sailing boats. While the sun was setting down, we also prepared a fire pit where we prepared our dinner.

Fresh coffee

For this trip, I have used the Hilleberg Akto tent. It was pretty warm for such conditions and although in many other trips I have enjoyed the Hilleberg Akto 100%, on this trip, I felt very warm within the tent.

Hilleberg Akto tent
Sailing boat and in the background Peloponnese
Preparing the fire

This trip on Dokos island was done in 2016.

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